Harrogate's new boost for electric cars

The future - An example of an electric vehicle charging point.
The future - An example of an electric vehicle charging point.

Harrogate is to mount a major push to embrace the electric revolution on our roads with a new series of electric charging points for motorists.

In an era in which the Government has announced an all-electric future in the UK by 2040, Harrogate Borough Council is keen to make speedy progress on a five-year strategy to ensure the district is ready for motorists.

As early as next month, the public may be consulted on plans for new electric charging points in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon.

John Ward-Campbell, Harrogate Borough Council’s council’s sustainability officer, said: “We’ve already installed three rapid electric vehicle charging points at our new offices at Harrogate Civic Centre for the public to use.

“The numbers of electric cars in Harrogate are small at the moment but we can see the use of the charging points growing all the time.

“Some experts say no new petrol cars will be manufactured in ten years time.

“We want to be ambitious and match the growth in electric cars. Our goal at first will be to install new points in council-owned car parks.”

If all goes according to plan, the council’s ‘ultra low emissions strategy’ will start rolling out new charging points early in the new year.

The aim is improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions and make the Harrogate district an attractive place for visitors in electric cars.

But the council is aiming to balance ambition with pragmatism.

John Ward-Campbell said: “It’s tricky to predict the future. We do want to push it but we don’t want to jump ahead of changing technology.”

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