Fears turbines will be seen from Fountains Abbey

Knabs ridge wind farm. Attribute image: Matt Buck
Knabs ridge wind farm. Attribute image: Matt Buck

English Heritage have called for more visual testing for a proposed wind farm site at Penny Pot Lane, as the two wind turbine applications in the area continue to drag on.

In a recent report the Harrogate Borough Council’s plannign team Dr Diane Green, inspector of historic buildings at English Hertiage responed to applicants, Tapar Ltd claims World Heritage sites or other designated assets will not be affected.

She said: “Stating this is different from demonstrating it.

“Your council may wish to seek a visual demonstration of this statement. Balloon tests or similar may be helpful here”

Concerns have arisen that the turbines maybe visible from as far a field at Fountions Abbey, which is a protected World Heritage site.

Dr Green dismissed the applicants statement, ‘The setting of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal and Studley Royal is primarily their relationship to each other and the intervisibility of the gardens and monuments.’

She said: “We dispute this statement. Long views out of the site are a fundamental part of the significance of the site, which was set out to have such long views.”

Alexa Morton, Marketing manager at Fountains Abbey said: “We would support English Heritage in their request for more tests on the visual impact.”

Paul Burgess, Nidderdale AONB manager has previously opposed both Tapar Ltd’s and Keldar group’s applications for turbines on the grounds of visual impact.

In a report to the council he said: “The AONB’s landscape is valued above all for its tranquility naturalness and traditionally maintained character.

“The Joint Advisory Committee is clear that these special qualities will be fatally compromised by more than doubling the size of the existing wind farm.”

Neither of the wind turbine applications have been put forward to the council’s planning committee, despite both applications passing their target determination date several months ago.

Andrew Mott from Arcus consulting recently asked for an extension until September 30 on behalf of the Kelda Group. The council have yet to respond to this request.

The ongoing delays have prompted one resident, Chris Watt, to contact the council twice enquiring when the applications will appear before the planning committee.

Harrogate Borough Council said no dates had been set.

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