Extra £7.1m funding for North Yorkshire schools

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

Schools in North Yorkshire are to receive £7.1m extra funding in 2015/16, a Government announcement revealed today.

The extra money is an attempt to redress how school funding is allocated, which has up to this point meant that spending on pupils in North Yorkshire is much lower than in the majority of other local authorities.

Part of a proposed £350m project, the investment will provide a boost to the 63 most underfunded local authorities.

MP Andrew Jones said: “In North Yorkshire we have good teachers, good schools and good results. Nonetheless our funding per pupil has fallen steadily behind until now.

“This announcement means that an extra £97 per pupil will be spent in North Yorkshire.

“It will bring to an end a system of education funding where for no apparent reason pupils across the country attract different levels of funding often in very similar types of areas.

“The MPs for the areas most affected have been working together to get a fairer deal. I have been part of the group taking our message to education ministers so am really pleased that we have a good result.

“Despite the significant progress that has been made we still face an eye-watering deficit as a country, but investment in our young people has to be the right answer for the future.”