Editor’s Comment: A very welcome investment to Harrogate railway station

Harrogate Railway Station
Harrogate Railway Station

Harrogate station is to receive a cash injection of almost £1million for a complete overhaul of the terminal.

Daily commuters have probably grown to ignore its scruffy, dismal appearance. Less frequent users are surprised that a town like Harrogate could have such a tired, old rail station.

As the town and district is doing so well in attracting new visitors, and the whole tourism industry this year has provided such a massive boost to our economy, this announcement is timely.

The conference and exhibition business has long bemoaned the poor rail facilities to Harrogate, and the state of the main town’s rail station. Staff there have done their best, but the station has hardly given visitors a warm first impression of the town.

The investment demonstrates how important the success of the Harrogate district is to the Yorkshire economy.

There is progress, however slow, on the move to electrification of the Leeds, York line, and all the benefits that will bring. This refurbishment is an important development in conjunction with that plan.