Anger over Nidderdale wheelie bin plans

Wheelie bins in front gardens on Albert Road, Harrogate.  (120726M7a)
Wheelie bins in front gardens on Albert Road, Harrogate. (120726M7a)

A row has broken out over plans to introduce news ways of rubbish collection across Nidderdale.

Harrogate Borough council will bring wheelie bins into the area in coming months, but residents have spoken out with concerns the plans are not suited to Nidderdale’s picturesque rural roads.

The wheelie bins have already been introduced in other areas across the Harrogate district, but Nidderdale falls into phase three and four of the roll out programme meaning the bins will arrive at Dales homes in the next few months.

But readers have contacted the Herald with their worries over the new scheme – which will see most people expected to bring their rubbish to wheelie bins at the end of their lanes. Glasshouses man Tony Horrox wrote to the newspaper to say it would create an “intolerable burden” to elderly or infirm people who would struggle to carry their rubbish down long, unmade and often steep tracks.

“The arrogance and incompetence which Harrogate council has shown in imposing this method of waste collection beggars,” he said.

And, Mr Horrox added, the large bins will have an “appalling visual impact” on the roads of Nidderdale’s AONB.

Christine Hill, councillor for the Lower Nidderdale ward, has heard dozens of worries constituents.

She said: “I have had a lot of calls from people who say they cannot push a wheelie bin half a mile up a lane, but once I have explained the bins will be in situ at the lane ends 24/7, that reassures them.”

Although Coun Hill is confident there are arrangements for people who need help with their bin collections, she is concerned about road safety and the bins’ appearance.

“I am not happy about the road from Summerbridge to Burnt Yates, It is a fast bit of road and it would be very easy for the bins to blow around.”

Other areas of Nidderdale will fall into phase four of the roll out with bins expected to arrive by the end of August, Pateley Bridge’s borough councillor Stan Lumley added.

While he understands the concerns, he said the plans are vital to encourage recycling and save the steep landfill taxes the council faces.

The Nidd Valley councillor, Helen Flynn, has been more critical of the plans, saying the “one size fits all” approach is not practical for Nidderdale.

Harrogate Borough Council’s Head of Environment Simon Johnson has defended the plans, saying that while the council understands the concerns but many plans will help the council reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and increase recycling in the area.

The council will talk to anyone with concerns about their new service, he said. “We will investigate what we can do to assist them,” Mr Johnson added.

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