Bridge crossing beck restored

The footbridge restored to its former glory.
The footbridge restored to its former glory.

Walkers who enjoy the Nidderdale Way and residents of Darley can once again cross Darley Beck after a bridge was repaired.

North Yorkshire County Council has salvaged and repaired the footbridge which was swept downstream in flash floods during May.

The bridge re-opened for pedestrian traffic earlier this month after the county council restored the bridge to its concrete foundations and replaced the smashed handrail and support timbers.

County council ranger Nicky Bunting said the unseasonably wet weather had hampered the bridge’s restoration by subsequently bringing down a tree that had blocked the beck. The fallen tree had now been removed and repairs completed. County Coun Chris Metcalfe said: “We are delighted we have been able to salvage the bridge and return it to working order. This is a very popular footpath that is part of the Nidderdale way and well used by local dog walkers so we have made every effort to carry out the repairs as quickly as possible.”