Breaking news: Mint Festival announcement

The controversial Mint Festival will not take place at Stockeld Park in the future.

In a joint statement issued on social media, organisers of the festival and the Wetherby venue said a mutual agreement had been reached to no longer hold the event at the park.

Thousands of dance lovers had attended the event in September but it resulted in a mass of complaints from residents neighbouring the site and in Spofforth of traffic chaos and anti-social behaviour on their properties and streets.

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Today’s statement from Mint and Stockeld Park said: “This year’s Mint Festival was hosted at Stockeld Park in good faith following consultations with Harrogate Borough Council, the emergency services and numerous local stakeholders.

“We were pleased with the festival itself, which on the whole ran smoothly.

“There have, however, been issues raised with access and egress to and from the Festival and therefore the suitability of this location for the event.”

They added that customers’ safety and neighbourhood relations was important.

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“Unfortunately on the day Mint was let down by a number of our specialist agents in relation to this issue, particularly how festival goers were allowed to disperse after the event.”

They apologised to residents who were affected and added: “We have, therefore, come to the mutual decision to no longer host Minst Festival at Stockeld Park.

“Mint Festival will be announcing a new home at a site where it can continue to grow, with the best possible experience for customers and other stakeholders.”

Last week Harrogate Borough Council declared they would hold a review of the three-year licence that it had granted to the hosts and organisers, following a request from North Yorkshire Police.