Bowie: He did play live in Harrogate - twice!

The cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity album.
The cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity album.

David Bowie fans in North Yorkshire have been marking the life of the late rock legend with tribute nights and memories - and more people are still coming forward to say they saw the great man playing on stage in Harrogate.

Carol Rennard got in touch to say:

@HarrogateGigs did you know Bowie played at Harrogate Theatre - he was the support act? I was 14 and it was my first gig. 1970 I think

David Chiddy posted:

"Bowie did play in Harrogate, he supported the Keef Hartley Band at Harrogate Theatre on Sunday 12th April 1970. Just after the release of Space Oddity (first time round).

And another reader, Fred Garnett, said:

"David Bowie did play Harrogate, supporting Yes at the Royal Hall in 1970. He came on alone wearing a white shirt and played acoustic guitar. It wasn't the most amazing set, he made some jokes between songs somewhat nervously, but he had the most amazing charisma.

"You really couldn't take your eyes off him. In fact I remember the sight of him as though it were yesterday, but can't recall the performance at all, except that he strummed along satisfactory enough & sang Space Oddity.

"However you definitely felt you would here from him again."

The Water Rat in Ripon held a Bowie vinyl night on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a bar in Harrogate named after the lyrics of Space Oddity and Ashes to Ashes paids its own tribute.

Toby Smith, of Major Tom’s on The Ginnel, said: “Myself and co-owner Lee named our bar Major Tom’s Social because we grew up been fascinated with everything about Bowie and obsessively listening to his records. He has left an amazing legacy of work for future generations to also get obsessive about."