Boston Spa Deli plans given green light

Leeds council decision-makers have allowed a delicatessen in Boston Spa to serve alcohol, despite dozens of objections from local residents.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 9:21 am

Applicants for Cafe Bospa in High Street had requested permission for the supply of alcohol from 8am-11.30pm on Friday and Saturday; and 8am-11pm on Sunday to Thursday.

Representing the applicant, Paddy Whur told a meeting of Leeds City Council’s licensing sub-committee: “Simon sees an opportunity for Boston Spa to have something there that isn’t there at the moment.

“It’s going to be a high quality delicatessen and eatery with alcohol served as well. It will be a popular chameleon-type venue that will change its customer base through the day.

“During the day, it’s going to be very child friendly and is focussed on family use. The food will be freshly baked, there will be a full menu in conjunction with an award-winning provider.

“It’s going to have a good gin selection, a good wine list and a small range of premium bottled lagers and beers. It’s a grown up, adult offering.”

The application had dozens of objections from members of the public. Mr Whur complained that it was disappointing that many didn’t engage with the terms of the application itself.

He added: “A significant number of objections are ‘not in my back yard’ letters and not really seeing what the offer would be. It’s disappointing that none are here today.

“It’s a family business, they want to do this properly.”

Objecting to the application, local resident and councillor Gerald Wilkinson said: “My main concern is the hours. The premises is restricted by planning permission to opening 8am-11pm, so I can’t see why they are applying for an 11.30pm licence unless they are trying to alter the planning application.

“If it is the case that they are going to sell bottled beers, would this mean they are not going to sell draft beers?”

Mr Whur refused to rule out guest draft ales.

But he reassured the board that the establishment would be a community premises.

He added: “The applicant, throughout the fit-out process, will invite people in to see the offer.

“This will be of benefit to Boston Spa and we will be able to promote the licensing objectives.”

Before the meeting, the application had received 47 individual letters of objection to the plans, some of which said the village did not need another bar.

In addition to the letters of objection, there were two supporting the application.

The applicant, Bospa Ltd, said in its application that it intends to create a suitable CCTV system, as well as an incident register and not allowing drinks to be taken outside the premises.

After a 30-minute deliberation in private, the councillors agreed to allow the application.