BLOG: What do you think of our new tabloid?

The new look Harrogate Advertiser.
The new look Harrogate Advertiser.

We’ve gone tabloid – and we’d like your thoughts on the new paper, which is on newsstands from this morning.

After 176 years as a broadsheet, the Harrogate Advertiser has responded to ongoing concerns that it was really, really, almost unmanagably large by breaking out a new “compact” size.

Copies are hitting the newsstands as we speak and it would be lovely to hear what you think of the new look and new features, whether positive or negative.

Perhaps you’re bowled over by the fancy new design (some devilishly talented Catalonians are behind it), particularly enjoyed an article or think there’s something we should be covering that has slipped through our newsy net.

Let us know your thoughts on the comments section below, by tweeting us or by emailing

We’ll run some as a story on the website (not just the good ones), include others in the paper and drop the rest on the Editor’s desk before running away.

We’ve collected the early feedback on Twitter here.

Thanks for reading – and also for buying the paper. We hope you like it.