Blackpool rocks for young carers

A group of teenage carers were recently able to enjoy a respite day in Blackpool while the person they cared for was looked after at home thanks to a donation from Knaresborough’s Rotary Club.

The 12 carers had the chance to leave their worries behind and enjoy some of the rides at the popular seaside resort.

Hettie Flynn from Carers’ Resource Young Carer’s service said: “A memorable day was had by all.

“Their favourite parts of day were; going on the water ride, which got them soaking wet, and then drying off in the human size dryers, seeing the view for miles at the top of the big dipper and laughing at the photographs after each ride.”

Young Carer Laura, who cares for her brother, said: “I really enjoyed the day out to Blackpool.

“I’m a bit stressed out at the moment as I’ve got exams coming up and my brother isn’t very well, but this trip has been just want I needed to relax and have fun with other young carers.”

The Carers’ Resource Young Carers service was set up in 1995 and supports about 250 young carers in the Harrogate district.

The service is entirely reliant on donations to provide emotional support, youth clubs and respite opportunities for these youngsters.

To find out more about the service visit or telephone 01423 500555.