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The Children’s Society: thank you so much to all who came along and supported the Annual Children’s Society coffee morning and box opening on November 3. For the first time, it was good to have representation from Jenny Howarth on behalf of The Children’s Society, who has kindly offered to come again next year. Particular thanks to the many that made cakes and provided raffle prizes, and to the many “counters” who come along every year and count all those coins - a tedious task. However, all the hard work was not in vain, the money raised was as follows - Raffle - £68 (thank you Geoffrey for selling tickets). Refreshments - £23.55 (thank you Pippa and Sheila for providing and serving). Cakes - £66.55 (thank you Marion for manning the stall). The rest of the money (£992.90) was raised through household boxes, and the princely sum of £1,145.53 was paid in to the Children’s Society account this week, which is brilliant! It was a shame the Christmas cards we ordered did not arrive in time, as this would have boosted our takings even further. Finally, Saturday, November 2 is the date of next year’s coffee morning. Hilary and Ruth.

Christmas Eve Crib Service: a very special service for all the children. It will start at 3pm on Christmas Eve, and is for all the Benefice. The nativity story will be told once more, and we will have Banjo, a real donkey, with us! Children are welcome to come dressed to take part, and can come as shepherds, kings, angels or animals, whichever they prefer, but not as Mary or Joseph. (We do have spare costumes to lend if necessary, but please arrive in good time to get ready!) Please could children bring a wrapped new toy? This will go to our twin parish of Gipton in Leeds. These gifts are distributed throughout the year, so please use ordinary gift wrapping paper, not Christmas, and label with ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ and the age it would be suitable for. Louise Garnett.

Birstwith Churchyard: in accordance with the Ripon & Leeds Diocese Churchyard Regulations would you please note that plastic and/or silk flowers are not allowed except within holly wreaths over the Christmas season. Spring flowering bulbs and small plants may be planted within the turf of any grave provided that they do not interfere with the cutting of the grass of the churchyard by machine. Thank you for your help and co-operation. Maurice Worsnop (Sexton - Verger) 01423 770654.

Christmas Greetings: may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Don’t forget that this column is for the whole village, so please send me any items you think appropriate for publication. Jim Shipman.