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Cathedral Revisions: the Constitution of Ripon Cathedral has been reviewed and, as a result a draft instrument setting out proposals for its updating and amendment, has been prepared by the council of the cathedral. These proposals are now open for public consultation. Details of the proposed revisions are displayed in the cathedral and also on the diocesan website. Colin Harrison, chair of the cathedral council, said, ‘It’s good practice periodically to check that the cathedral constitution meets today’s needs and our review, carried out in consultation with Bishop John and the cathedral chapter, proposes to update roles, responsibilities and appointments to cathedral bodies. The proposals also allow for the appointment of an Honorary Canon Theologian to act as a focus for cathedral work in this area which will be an exciting development.’

Birstwith History: the following extracts are taken from The History of the Parish of Birstwith by CS Greenwood and published in 1907. ‘ Wreak’s Educational Charity. On March 14, 1867, at a vestry meeting of the parish of Birstwith, the site and building of the School on the hill, built 1817, was sold to John Greenwood, of Swarcliffe, for the sum of £100. In lieu of the capital he undertook to pay the interest at 4 per cent to the Vicar and Churchwardens of Birstwith for the education of the poor in the townships of Birstwith and Felliscliffe, one half of the interest to be given by them to the Trustees of the West Syke Green School, in Felliscliffe, and the other half to the Managers of the Birstwith Church School. John Greenwood immediately pulled down the old School, and the interest was duly paid as arranged, with the exception that when the West Syke School came to an end, the £2 was paid to the Felliscliffe Board School. in 1898 the Charity Commissioners made a scheme for the above, dated March 22, 1898, and appointed Trustees for its administration under the name of the Wreaks’ Educational Charity. The capital of £100 was paid by Capt Greenwood into the hands of the official Trustees of Charitable Funds, and the income £2-9s-4d, was to be devoted as prizes for Birstwith children attending Birstwith and Felliscliffe Schools.’