Jim Shipman

01423 772735

Book Stall: this will be held on Saturday, June 15 from 10am until noon outside Birstwith Shop and is in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Please support Marion Stockdale who is organising this event. For more information, or to donate books for the stall, please contact her on 01423 770199.

Luncheon Club: the next lunch will be on June 18 and the final one of this scholastic year will be on July 16. We do not have a meeting in August. Thank you to those people who have already informed me that they will be absent. Best wishes to those who missed April and May’s lunch due to illness and we trust that they will soon be joining us again. As usual, if you are unable to join us, please let either Brenda (01423 770409), Thelma (01423 770891) or me know as soon as possible. Elaine Burge (01423 770274).

Birstwith Walks: the walk on Saturday, June 22 will be an all-day walk starting from the village shop at 10am and following paths and lanes approximating to the boundary of the civil parish of Birstwith. It will be some 12 miles in length although for those wanting a shorter walk there are opportunities to make your own way back to Birstwith from time to time. It is proposed to go in an anti-clockwise direction with a lunch stop at Kettlesing (at the pub or bring your own picnic) before finishing at The Station. The walk will be at a pace to suit those taking part. If you bring dogs you must keep them under control. You will need clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather and something to drink and eat (which can be purchased at the village shop before we set off). For more details please contact Adrian Dixon on 01423 770116 or 0771 618 7621 or e-mail

PCC Meetings: in these meetings which are facilitated by John Hindle and occur alternatively to our specifically business meetings, we try to look forward and work together on ideas to further enhance St James’s Church. Each member explained why we all wanted to be a PCC member, and what we hoped the PCC could deliver this year. We then looked at the roles and responsibilities of the PCC and its members. We recapped over our previous meetings for the benefit of our new members to the PCC which helped to review the progress and reaffirm our priorities. The major points the PCC will be focussing on will be management of business, including benefice development and communications. Fabric committee current recommendations covering the internal and external appeal of the church and fundraising. Also discussed was the show Sunday service on July 28. This year’s theme will be The Sea. All the PCC were in agreement to the request for a plaque to be placed in the church hall to commemorate the life of Kate Clarkson. It was asked that any events which are planned within St James’s, and indeed the village, that details be given to Sam Bradley who is co-ordinating a diary of events for the Benifice. Further ideas for fundraising are always required so should anyone have any ideas please pass them on to one of the PCC members. Kathleen McPartland, PCC secretary.

Worship and Picnic: this all-age event will be held on Sunday, June 16 at 11am and will focus on music followed by a picnic for everyone in the new churchyard (hall if wet). Musical and other items will be incorporated into the service. If you would like to play/sing/recite something, have a word with me. I will be having a word with some of you shortly. Please help to make this a joyful celebration of music and worship whether you are in the choir, band, Sunday club or a member of the congregation ... now’s your chance for a moment of fame. John Mitchell (01423 770412) or e-mail