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Tewit Youth Band: this band will be giving a concert in St James’s Church, Birstwith on Friday, February 1 at 7.30pm. The senior section of the Tewit Youth Band is made up of 30 young people between the ages of 13 and 17. The Senior Band has performed in the Royal Festival Hall, London, Symphony Hall, Birmingham and has toured Europe on a number of occasions, including Prague in 2006, and Germany and Luchon, France in 2012. The Senior Band is currently the holders and winners of the Wharfedale Trophy, the Harrogate Competitive Festival entertainment class and regular qualifiers for the music for youth championships. How about that? Still time to get your tickets. Adult £8, children £4, family ticket (two adults plus two children) £20 from John Mitchell on 01423 770412 or the Dale Stores. Proceeds are in aid of Church Bell Frame Fund.

Muddy Archaeologist: Pompeii, Herculaneum and more - explore the development of elegance and excess in Roman villas in the heartland of Roman luxury, with Gillian Hovell. Fly to Rome, stay on the stunning Amalfi coast, visit Paestum, Opiontis, Stablae, Naples breath-taking museum, Mount Vesuvius, Capri and of course, Pompeii and Herculaneum. Discussions are taking place for a nine day trip for September/October. You will see frescoes, villas, private life and public life, ancient town life, decadence, down to earth art, elegance and excess, daily life, tragedy, tenderness - you get to see it all. More details are available on and on or telephone Gillian on 01423 771290.

Birstwith History: the following extracts are taken from The History of the Parish of Birstwith, by CS Greenwood, published in 1907. ‘The Sunday School is the oldest institution in the parish. Started by John Greenwood and John Dury in 1853, it has continued uninterruptedly to the present time. There has never been any lack of able and willing assistants. The first school which existed in the parish was the little school on the hill, built in 1817. It was originally under the management of Trustees, viz, the then Vicar of Hampsthwaite, the Rev Timothy Shann, John Greenwood, senior, and John and William Houseman, of Clint. The school then occupied the site opposite the present Church gate. The schoolmaster’s name was Neesum, son of the Vicar of Pateley. In 1846 the school was moved to a building next the corn mill, under the sole trusteeship of the Rev Thomas Shann, Vicar of Hampsthwaite, and Mr Thomas Allen was appointed master. In 1855 the school was again moved, this time to the Wesleyan Chapel on the Darley Road, built by John Greenwood, senior, and Mr Robert Broomfield was appointed master. Here it remained until 1879, when the present school and schoolmaster’s house was erected from the designs of Mr Rohde Hawkins. The school was built at the sole cost of Fredk B Greenwood as a memorial to his father, ob Feb 21, 1874, and the cost of the schoolhouse was defrayed by Sarah Greenwood. She died in 1892, and the clock and bell turret were erected to her memory by her daughter, Mrs Helsham Jones, and her three surviving grandsons in 1894. In 1902 a new infants classroom was added by Capt Greenwood.’