‘Bigger Costcutter shop is threat to Pateley Bridge High Street’

Costcutters plan’s to treble the size of a convience store on the outskirts of the town have been blasted by local resident’s, who fear for the High Street’s future.

Around 21 residents attended a Pateley Bridge Town Council meeting to voice their concerns.

Resident Brian Hicks said the meeting was well attended but he worried that not everyone in town knows about the plans.

He said: “The town needs to understand that this application will affect a lot of people in the town.

“Some people will welcome it, but I personally believe the majority of people will not.”

He explained: “One thing that Pateley Bridge has got at the moment is a good street of shops for everyone.”

Ian Kendall, a third generation shopkeeper on Pateley Bridge High Street has written to the council to object to the plans.

In the letter he said: “I would stress that, having been a shopkeeper on the High Street in Pateley Bridge, this development is going to have a serious effect on stability.

“The High Street has always depended on the influx of tourists and caravaners to supplement the quiet winter months. All the caravan sites are ‘up dale’ and before getting it The High Street they would have to pass this supermarket which would be very convenient for them, taking the footfall from local shops.”

Mr Kendall added: “We are very proud of our High Street which still has a touch of all our yesterdays.”

Resident Ian Lazonby wrote to the council to object saying: “My view is that any significant increase in the filling station shop would have a knock on effect on the smaller specialised shops in the village.

“Compared to similar sized towns Pateley has a thriving High Street and personally I would like to keep it that way.”

Andrew Weatherhead of Weatherhead’s butchers which has been on the High Street for 136 years said he didn’t think his businesses would be affected, but that the street as a whole would be.

“I do think it will shut quite a few shops, once shops get boarded up it will bring down the whole place.”

He added: “The plans don’t look very inkeeping with the character of the area, it’ll look like a giant shed.”

Pateley Bridge Town Council have opposed the plans and asked why “the decision on such a large application is not being made by the planning committe.”

A spokesperson from Harrogate Borough Council explained that about 90 per cent of planning applications are dealt with through delegated power, making the process more efficient.

She said: “If anyone is unhappy with an application being dealt with under delegated powers, they can approach any member of the council who can request that it be brought to planning committee but they would have to give very good reasons under planning rules.”

Residents can comment on the plans on Harrogate Borough Councils planning website until October 23, ref: 13/03420/FUL.