Bardsey school aims for pupils to have journey across the ages

Jerome Barton of Edens Forest
Jerome Barton of Edens Forest

As the bones of a Saxon roundhouse take shape in Bardsey work is already underway to expand an outdoor learning area and create a journey through time for school children.

Thanks to the efforts of fund-raising parents Bardsey Primary School began construction of a replica roundhouse in the autumn term, getting children learning up close and personal while outdoors.

Although a completion date for the roundhouse looks likely for July next year the school wish to begin planning for an expansion.

Submitting an application for additions that include nomadic tents, stone age shelters and Saxon long house the school hope to continue encouraging pupils to develop unique skills.

Headteacher Sally Clark said: “Already each week a class get to go and take part in putting up the materials of the roundhouse, they all have really enjoyed the experience.

“Its amazing that they have been able to learn all of this through the project.

“When it is all finished we hope it is going to be a journey through time for them.”

Friends of Bardsey Primary School managed to raise an initial £10,000 for the Saxon roundhouse but now face an additional £15,000 to pay for the expansion.

They however remain undeterred in their mission to construct the site for the community.

Mrs Wren said: “Our mission is to enrich the environment by raising money for projects that bring teachers and parents together to build something for the community.”

Construction and outdoor lessons are being provided by part-time teachers Jerome Barton and Adam Waterman through their outdoor education company Eden’s


Jerome Barton of Eden’s Forest said: “Something like this is an absolute life changer, myself and my business partner are teachers and this is the work that we know kids need.

“However teachers often are unable to find the time or resources that lets children step out of the classroom to do something like