Back in business at Marigolds after River Nidd floods

A popular Knaresborough cafe is back in business after being hit by floods earlier this month.

Marigolds cafe, on the Waterside, was out of action for four days after water from the River Nidd flooded the cafe.

Owner Justine Connolly and her father Gerry said they were “caught short” by heavy rain overnight.

Justine, who took over the cafe in May, said they were alerted to flood risk when a member of staff contacted her at 8pm on Monday, October 1.

Justine and Gerry rushed back from Harrogate, to find the river covering the deck area outside the cafe, and water entering the buildings.

“We were there from 9-11pm that night. There was a lot of interest from the community. Lots of people offered to help.”

Gerry added: “We still had people coming down in their wellies asking for coffees.”

Ten of the cafe’s boats sank during the floods, but Justine and Gerry were able to retreive them once the water had receeded.

“They were next to the weir and it’s only thanks to that they didn’t end up in York. If they’d gone over there would have been nothing to stop them,” Gerry said.

The water also brought fish and debris, including a king sized mattress, on the deck.

Justine added: “It was quite exciting in a way. The river was mesmerising, and the noise was furious. Someone who has lived here for a long time said it’s when it goes quiet you should worry, because that’s when the water is so high there is no weir anymore.”