Baby joy for Sadie Rose’s parents.

Darren and Katie Clifford with baby Oscar Jay
Darren and Katie Clifford with baby Oscar Jay

Mum of tragic Sadie Rose has spoke of her joy after giving birth to a baby boy, Oscar Jay.

Oscar Jay was born at 10:44pm on Friday, April 26 weighing 8lbs 3oz.

He is the brother of Sadie Rose who tragically lost her battle with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, and died aged two in June last year.

People in Knaresborough raised thousands of pounds in the battle to save Sadie’s life.

Mum Katie said: “This has definitely lifted the dark cloud that has been with us.

“Obviously there are things that will never go away but Oscar gives us something positive to look forward to.

“No one can ever replace her that would be impossible but it helps us move on.”

Katie said she was overwhelmed when Oscar Jay was born after a 33 hour labour.

“It has been overwhelming, the second he was born was so surreal, my emotions were all over the place.

“I was elated to have him here safe and well.”

Although Katie and Darren have been told there is only a five per cent chance of Oscar Jay contracting neuroblastoma Katie said they still worry.

“We are more wary and anxious about it.”

The couple have said they will tell Oscar Jay about his sister when he is older.

“We have made a photo album of Sadie Rose for him so he can know all about her.

“Some things about him remind us so much of Sadie, the faces he pulls look like her.”

The family have planned Oscar Jay’s first outing for Sunday, May 12 when they will go to a family fun day at Sant Angelo restaurant in Wetherby to raise funds for Martin House Children Hospice where Sadie Rose died.