Baby born in Hookstone Road traffic jam.

Harrogate District Hospital
Harrogate District Hospital

Pannal mum, Lisa Lehan, gave birth to a baby girl this morning, in a queue of traffic on Hookstone Road.

Proud dad, Matt Lehan, said: “It all happened so quick, Lisa’s waters broke in the car and I called the hospital who told me to pull over, help keep her warm and get towels ready.

“By the time I heard the siren from the ambulance coming up the road I was already holding my baby girl.”

He added: “It all happened in about seven minutes, it was a lot quicker than I have seen on TV.

“I didn’t do anything, it was all Lisa, she was brilliant.”

The couple left their house in Pannal at about 9.25am before getting stuck in traffic near Hornbeam Park, and the baby was born at 9.44am.

“My first thought I had was, wow, it’s a girl! We didn’t know what we were having,” said Matt.

The couple have another daughter, Alice aged two and half who was at nursery when her little sister was born.

Matt said: “She is really looking forward to meeting her sister.”

The baby weighed 8lb 4 and a half oz and both mum and baby are healthy and doing well.

The couple were still stunned by the events of today and Lisa and baby are staying overnight at Harrogate Hospital.

The Harrogate Advertiser will run an update next when mum and baby are settled at home and the baby girl has been named.