Anti-social behaviour is a blight on society

Although anti-social behaviour (ASB) exists in many forms it is the nuisance youths calls we get that cause the majority of harm to the reputation of an area, writes Wetherby PC Stephen Atkinson.

Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 11:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:13 pm

By knowing where your kids are, what they are doing and who they are hanging around with will go a long way towards preventing these problems.

It is frustrating at the moment within the police service, such is the demand on our time and resources.

Quite often we are engaged on other matters when calls regarding anti-social behaviour come in and the result is that we are usually attending after the event.

This means we are not encountering the persons concerned and the attending officers are quickly despatched to the next call. And there is always a next call.

In Wetherby at the moment there is a group of about eight to ten youths who find it perfectly acceptable to abuse and annoy the law abiding and peaceful residents of this fine town.

This is why it is all the more important to know what your kids are doing.

The vast majority of people in Wetherby are law abiding and respectful of each other.

However, it is a low crime area and therefore the matters of ASB become important because it often leads into criminality.

Work is ongoing at the moment to positively identify those who seek to cause distress to others through their disrespectful behaviour and action will be taken.

If you suspect your child may be involved, please take steps to help us help you keep the town a pleasant and peaceful place to live.

Crime update for Wetherby and district - Wetherby, Walton, Thorp Arch, Boston Spa, Bramham, Clifford, Collingham, Linton, Harewood, East Keswick, Bardsey, Scarcroft, Shadwell, Scholes, Barwick in Elemet and Aberford.

In the six weeks since my last column Wetherby has seen on average one house burglary a week and in the outlying villages that average has risen to two.

Burglary of outbuildings, sheds and garages etc, totals 21 across the district covered by Wetherby Police Station.

The Thorner area has also suffered a spate of theft from motor vehicles.

It is fortunate that a number of residents have CCTV and this is currently being collated by officers with a view to identifying the suspects.

Another crime of note happened on Monday November 7 when a property on the High Street at Clifford was allegedly entered by thieves who took the keys and subsequently a Porsche car from the address.

The vehicle was later involved in a road traffic accident nearby.

Police enquiries led to the arrest of two youths who are currently on police bail while the evidence relating to these matters is being collated.

On Sunday October 30 officers at Wetherby received a call from the Bramham estate office regarding nuisance quad bikes on the estate.

Officers attended and located the bikes and people and two quad bikes were seized under section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

It is often unreported in terms of the inappropriate use of these types of vehicles and the nuisance and damage to land etc.

However, if the suspects are apprehended and the vehicles are seized it starts to get expensive for the owners.

On proof of ownership the vehicles are returned but only after payment of the recovery and storage costs. This is usually around the £150 mark.

Forgiving my rant about those within the community who seek to cause problems in the area two recent events in the town of Wetherby show the true community spirit that exists.

Firstly the bonfire night celebrations. It was fantastic to see so many local people attending the bonfire and firework display on The Ings at Wetherby. The organisers had anticipated a couple of thousand attendees. However the sheer number of families walking through town to the event suggested way in excess of that number.

And secondly I was fortunate enough to be working and be part of the operation here in Wetherby to oversee the Remembrance Sunday event.

Once again the numbers present at the event says a lot about our community and the good people that reside in the area.

Remembrance Sunday events across the area were equally well attended in Boston Spa, Collingham, Linton and Thorner.

Please remember to report suspicious activity and to ensure the security of your property and belongings.

Contact police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.