‘Amorous’ couple taken to hospital after fall

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A couple who tumbled down a steep embankment after “amorous” activities on a dry-stone wall had to be rescued by fire crews, paramedics and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The pair, aged in their 30s, were rescued from near Hawes on Saturday and taken to hospital by air and road ambulance suffering from various injuries.

Fire crews, paramedics and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance had been called to the scene on Brunt Acres Way at around lunchtime on Saturday.

“It would appear that a couple in their 30s were getting a bit ‘amorous’ against a dry-stone wall at the side of the road when unfortunately the lady has leant backwards on the wall and fallen down a steep embankment on the other side,” a spokesman for the fire service said.

“The male is believed to have attempted to catch the female but the momentum of the fall has also pulled him over the top and down the embankment.”

The man, aged 33, was taken to Harrogate District Hospital by air ambulance suffering from possible abdominal and leg injuries. The woman was taken to Lancaster General Infirmary by road ambulance suffering suspected pelvic injuries.