Advertising feature: Home Insulation, New Windows and Other Strategies to Keep Your Heating Bills Down This Winter

Everyone knows winter is an expensive time of year. There is Christmas coupled with the rise in household energy bills owing to the colder weather. However, just by making a few small changes to your home and lifestyle you could end up saving money and being more environmentally friendly!

Make sure your home is properly insulated. Cavity wall and loft insulation is a good starting point. It is relatively cheap to do and will not only make your home warmer as you are able to retain more of your heat but also reduce your energy bills. You could save up to £135 a year on gas or electricity depending on how you heat your home. There are grants that can help you with the cost so it is certainly worth doing some research. Your energy consumption can also be made more efficient by making sure your boiler is properly maintained and serviced. It is also a good idea to use a timer for your boiler so it is not heating your home unnecessarily when you are not there. Also think about reducing the thermostat by a few degrees, it is unlikely you will notice the difference in temperature but you will notice a big difference when you get your next gas bill!

You can also lose a lot of heat through your windows so it is important to make sure they are shut tight to avoid draughts and heat loss. A good way to check if your window seals are broken is to hold a candle or incense stick around the frame to see if there is any air movement. If you are losing heat through your windows then maybe you should consider replacing them. Although there is an initial outlay, this will save you money in the long run and make your home safer, more energy efficient and will add value to your property. Casement windows are a particularly popular choice due to the excellence of their thermal and acoustic insulation. They are also very safe which is an added bonus, especially at this time of year. Due to the fact they are internally glazed the glass in casement windows cannot be removed from the outside. The hook catch lock also presents a rather big problem to thieves and intruders as it is incredibly difficult to break in to.

There are other small ways in which to keep your house warm if you are unable to make these changes or have already and are looking for further ways to reduce your energy consumption. By using heavy, thick curtains on your windows and doors will not only insulate the room but keep the cold at bay by blocking draughts from the outside as well. Try and keep doors shut so the heat stays in the room, it is also a good idea to block off rooms that won’t be in use, which will act as a block between the inner rooms and outdoors. Try to use the smaller rooms in your home too as these are cheaper to heat.

There are also things you can do personally to keep yourself warm during the winter months therefore reducing the need to heat your home so frequently. If you are cooking then this should heat your house up, even more so if you leave the oven door open once you have taken the food out. Another suggestion is to leave the bathroom door open when showering which will allow the warm air to flow through the house heating it up and always dress warmly with plenty of layers.

Finally, one of the best ways to stay warm and save loads on money on your heating bills is to visit other places that are warm and heated. It’s free!