Advertising feature: Decorating uPVC Conservatories for Christmas

AS Christmas draws ever nearer most of us are busily decorating our homes, if of course we haven’t already done so.

Christmas trees are festooned with baubles, tinsel is sprinkled liberally around the hallway and our cards are on display. One room though tends to be overlooked. Today we take a look at the best ways to decorate uPVC conservatories.

The natural light in your conservatory will brighten up your home during the short wintry days so take advantage of this and keep your decorations simple and understated. In order to do this, try using twigs and other natural decorations to get a rustic look. This is also a great way to decorate if you are on a tight budget and will tie nicely with your garden and continue the outdoor feeling inside. A nice touch would be a poinsettia or sprig of fresh mistletoe hung from the ceiling.

Pinecones will compliment the natural look perfectly. They can be used at part of your table decoration or hung on pieces of ribbon from door handles or even your tree. Leafy greenery will be the perfect accompaniment for your rustic look. Use it to create a wreath or garland with berries, twigs and some gold ribbon that can be hung from your door or as a centrepiece for your table. You could also decorate a garland with some oranges and cloves, which give off a lovely scent and some cranberries for some dramatic colour.

Fairy lights and plenty of candles will make conservatories feel warm and inviting. Traditional colours such as red, gold, ivory and green work best with a natural theme. This applies to your tree as well if you are planning to have one in your conservatory. Keep it understated, use subtle lighting and try to stick with one colour. Try to avoid any garish coloured tinsel; ribbon is a good alternative.

If the rustic look isn’t for you and you prefer something a bit jazzier then why not consider a winter wonderland theme with lots of silver, blue and purple light? It is still possible to do this on a budget and use many of the same materials as before. Pinecones are cheap and easy to find and will look very effective with a coat of silver paint. You could also try spraying some branches and twigs silver as well and putting them in a jar to create a wintry look. It is still important to keep it simple as over-decorating makes conservatories look much smaller than they are. White and blue fairy lights hung around the room and on the tree will give a lovely glow and a light dusting of fake snow on the windows will set the look off perfectly.