Adrenalin-fuelled film event in Harrogate but what is Banff Mountain Film Festival?

Exciting, exhilarating and eye-opening, if the real-life short films in Banff Mountain Film Festival don’t inspire you to do something adventurous in the great outdoors, perhaps, nothing will.

Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 12:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 12:32 pm
The Banff Mountain Film Festival tour arrives at the Royal Hall in Harrogate this Saturday night.

This popular festival’s forthcoming world tour will see a brand-new selection of adrenaline-fueled films arrive at the Royal Hall in Harrogate this Saturday night.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival’s selections are chosen from hundreds of films entered each year into the event of the same name in the stunning British Columbia resort in Canada.

As well as inspiring awe, the screenings often bring audiences together as a community, from the real outdoors enthusiasts to people who prefer their experience of danger to be on the big screen.

Tour director Nell Teasdale said: "“With mind-blowing stories of human endeavour from rarely-seen parts of the world, Banff events have a thrilling atmosphere – and we guarantee audiences will leave inspired to have an adventure of their own.”

The Banff Mountain Film Festival tour always travels with two programmes of six films.

This year’s selection consists of a yellow strand and a green with the audience at this weekend’s Harrogate date set to enjoy the green strand.

The green strand includes:

The Ghosts Above: National Geographic photographer Renan Ozturk joins an expedition up Everest on a quest to who discover made the first ascent.

The Long Today: Not many people celebrate turning 70 with a remote river trip, but after some gentle persuading from his sons, Jamie Thompson and his family embarked on an expedition into the Canadian wilderness.

Other dates and venues on the Banff Mountain Film Festival tour are:

Liverpool, Plaza Cinema, 9 September & 23 October

Stockport, Stockport Plaza, 14 & 24 September

Leeds, Town Hall, 5 & 6 October

York, Barbican, 12 October

Yarm, Princess Alexandra Auditorium, 21 October

Whitley Bay, Playhouse, 9 & 10 November

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