A Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

During a drive across Blubberhouses we had a close encounter with 30 geese.
During a drive across Blubberhouses we had a close encounter with 30 geese.

Scorchio – is it hot enough for you? I am sure there will be plenty of people including my wife who will be moaning that it is too much, while I say why bother going away on holiday when we have everything in Nidderdale, now including the weather.

The BBQs are out, the butchers are selling out and all the men have suddenly started cooking for everyone!

Why is it that some fellas who don’t normally cook, suddenly think they can when the sun comes out?

Working in a shop all day we see some real sights when the sun shines, with people coming in with their skin showing signs of being various shades of lobster. As we have been inside all day, when we go outside, we are like moles emerging from the dark!

Driving across Blubberhouses one evening, possibly feeling the heat themselves, a large flock of geese meandered across the road in front of our car.

I pulled up to allow at least 30 of these beautiful birds time to reach a barred metal gate leading to a field.

Rather panicking at this point they either jumped through the gaps in the rails or went underneath the gate.

Now there always seems to be one in any group who panics too much or can’t work out that they should follow the rest who have led by example. The last bird running back and forth along the length of the gate kept attempting to dive through the gaps or underneath but failed miserably each time.

Meanwhile, the flock in formation were heading off walking across the field.

Concerned that the goose was still near the road and might return into it, I got out of my car with a view to opening the gate and herding the goose through it to catch up with the rest.

Needless to say as I neared the said goose, it went straight under the gate running after its buddies. Why didn’t it just fly over?

I also wondered why they were walking and missing out on air miles?

Talking of birds, pigeons were used to send messages and how we have moved forward thanks to technology. Last week I did a live radio interview for BBC Radio York talking about the wonderful community of Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale.

On Sunday a young man came into our shop and said “was it you on the radio last week”.

I told him I had been and he said I saw a sign near Ripley for Pateley Bridge and thought I would come and see the place.

Apparently he had not been to Pateley Bridge before showing the benefits of publicity.

Visit Harrogate, in their newsletter last week, said how delighted they were that visitors to their website were continuing to grow in numbers year-on-year and in particular the Nidderdale Way pages.

They said they have seen a ‘boom’ in traffic following the weekly Ramblings slot on BBC Radio 4 with Clare Balding who recently walked the 53-mile route.

Last week’s episode featured Sir Thomas and Lady Emma Ingilby and was a most interesting insight into the family history, Ripley Castle and of course Nidderdale.

The final programme will be broadcast at 3pm today (Thursday 22 June) with Clare completing the walk back where she started in Pateley Bridge. All the programmes can be followed at www.nidderdale.co.uk/nidderdale-way-clare-balding.

Finally I would like to congratulate Brian Dunsby on being awarded the OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List which has just been announced and is truly well deserved.