A Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

A crowded High Street created a great atmosphere as the ladies race whooshed through.
A crowded High Street created a great atmosphere as the ladies race whooshed through.

Not that I am someone who likes to feel sorry for himself but these last few days I have felt terrible. Needless to say I got lots of sympathy from those closest to me all referring to my symptoms as ‘man flu’.

Come the Saturday and it must have been bad as my bed called more than me heading off to watch the Tour De Yorkshire coming down Pateley Bridge High Street.

I delayed until the pressure of phone calls got to me and I headed off to Pateley not feeling at all good. Soon after arriving in Pateley I must have taken a turn for the worse as my face was covered in large spots!

Okay the spots were blue, yellow and white and had been painted on me courtesy of Katie Chandler and Vicky Gray from the Spar who were doing face painting to raise money for Pateley Bridge Junior Cricket Club.

I was soon being interviewed on film by various local media and I know you will find this difficult to believe, but I was not as talkative as normal as my voice was struggling. I must have looked terrible with a pale face with painted spots all over it and sounding rather groggy (some would say just like normal!).

I was soon into full swing checking that the Dacre and Summerbridge Silver Band were ready to play, that a local young violinist was ready to busk and that the fantastic Pateley Bridge 1940s coach was in place ready to give passengers free rides in between the ladies and gents races.

The High Street was crowded, people were happy, friendly and cheerful, the atmosphere was buzzing and I knew we were in for a special day. The outriders kept coming through and then the caravan of vehicles handing out freebies pulled up. Has anybody made their Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Pudding yet I wonder? Flags handed out suddenly the street was awash with people waving them, whistles being blown, horns and sirens being sounded, the carnival had truly begun.

The street filled out even more as the race approached as people who had been watching on TV came out to see the riders whoooosh past! It may only be seconds but from the ladies race to well after the men’s, Pateley Bridge was loving the spectacle.

For many there will be great memories and there have been some fantastic photographs taken which you can enjoy on the Nidderdale & Pateley Bridge Facebook page as well as in this paper.

I know I am biased but Pateley Bridge was the place to be for the Tour De Yorkshire.

Onwards and upwards, talking of which I won’t go on about the Tour De Yorkshire anymore I promise but just a thought why don’t the organisers go for what is locally known as the Nidderdale Five Killer Hill challenge which includes Trapping Hill (which they did this year), Peat Lane, Old Church Lane, Silver Hill and Greenhow Hill (which they did last year). Spectacular views and a proper Yorkshire challenge!

Last week I wrote about an interview for BBC Radio York where I gave a clue out as part of a quiz they run.

I promised you the answer this week which I am sure many of you guessed and it was Coldstone Cut.

I will finish off this week with a little quiz of my own which I will give you the answer to next week which then will hopefully lead into what should be a very happy birthday story.

The question is “what occasion can you only receive an invitation to once in your lifetime? (unless you are invited as a guest by someone who has received their own invitation)