A Victorian UFO tale?

From: Mr James Rogers, Grove Street Starbeck.

ALIENS visiting Harrogate. Strange lights in the sky. This is nothing new. Almost 150 years, on July 31, 1862, Fred Bainbridge of St George's Terrace, Harrogate, wrote to the Harrogate Advertiser:

"Last night, a little before 12 0'-clock, my attention was arrested by a brilliant light proceeding down Oatlands Lane, which at the moment I concluded was a lamp of a carriage which seemed to emerge from the front of Mr Paley's house.

“This light had proceeded down the road across the common for about 150 yards when it was followed by another taking the same direction at first, but which made a sudden turn on approaching the first light, darting off towards the railway, the first light speedily following, but not so far.

“They both then wandered up and down, at one time slowly and then rapidly, much faster than a locomotive steam engine, moving with a gliding swiftness peculiar to meteors. At the same time as these two lights were passing about, now quickly now slowly, or coming to a standstill, a third light was stationary over the direction in the pool in Miss Paley's land, but which did not appear so brilliant as the others.

“For half an hour I watched the vagaries of this "Will of the Wisp," or "Ignis Fatuus," which I very soon concluded it to be, and then entered my house and directed my wife's attention to it, who arose from her bed on purpose to view it.

“The night was most favourable to the formation of this kind of meteor, being warm and dark with a gentle south-west wind and a misty rain, which soon increased, and at 12.30 extinguished the vagrant lights."

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