35 redundant as NMR laboratory closes down

The NMR building, Skipton Road
The NMR building, Skipton Road

National Milk Records laboratory on Skipton Road has closed down after more than 30 years.

The laboratory has slowly scaled back work over the past three months and on Friday, September, 28 the laboratory was fully closed down and all testing work has been moved to the NMR’s Wolverhampton branch.

Only two members of staff choose to move to Wolverhampton, around 35 people have been made redundant due the move.

Operations Manager, Tony Craven said: “It’s very sad, for me personally, I have worked with a lot of these people for 15 years.”

The decision was made to move the laboratory to Wolverhampton after a new site was built.

Mr Craven said: “We had to move out of the previous Wolverhampton premisis and decided that if we were to build a new lab it should be big enough to carry out all the testing.”

He added: “It is more economical to deliver all the samples to Wolverhampton rather than the vehicles having to contintue on to Harrogate during the night.

“It is better for the farmers too as it allows us to get the test done more quickly and results back to them sooner.”

The Skipton Road site has been provisionaly sold to care home provider Springfield Healthcare Group, under the condition of planning permission being granted and several other companies have expresed an interest in the site.

Springfield Healthcare Groups ambitious plans for a 94-bed dementia ‘care village’ were rejected by Harrogate Council in May of this year.

Although the laboratory has closed the NMR offices at the site on Skipton Road continue to employ around 50 to 60 people. Mr Craven said: “If the premisis is sold then we will seek more suitable office accomodation still in the Harrogate area.”