25 firefighters tackle 'serious fire' at Kirkby Overblow home

Fire-fighter in Harrogate
Fire-fighter in Harrogate

Up to 25 firefighters were called to a home at Kirkby Overblow on Saturday, November 21, to tackle a blaze that ripped through the home.

Fire crews from Harrogate, as well as additional pumps from West Yorkshire, were called to the house after reports of a trapped person.

Fire-fighters arrived at the home to find blackened windows, a severe sense of heat, smoke coming from the roof and a large fire in the east side of the building.

Five pumps began to tackle the blaze and, after an hour of searching, determined that no residents were trapped in the house.

Simon Wall, watch manager at Harrogate Fire Station, said: "We don't know how long it had been burning for before we got the call but when we arrived there was a lot of smoke coming the roof.

"The fire had been called in as a trapped persons house fire. There was a lot of work going on behind the scenes because it was dangerous for fire-fighters to go in.

"After an hour we confirmed the residents were away on holiday so nobody was trapped inside. However, on the east side of the building, the ceiling was collapsing and coming in."

An investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing but Mr Wall said he believed that both smoke alarms in the house failed during the blaze.

"The warning is, coming up to Christmas, to test your smoke alarms. It's important that people have two working smoke alarms so people need to request a home risk visit if they are unsure."