It has been another eventful week chez-Mumbler and once again this culminated in a trip to A & E. It is a fairly guilt inducing process when you go to the reception desk at the hospital and give your child’s name and date of birth then realise that you don’t need to give them any more information. Your toddler already has a “record.”

This time it was a swallowed coin, or I should say a suspected swallowed coin. I only had a semi-mute and full-on naughty toddler’s sworn statement about what had actually happened.

We had been pottering around at home on a Saturday afternoon when a tell-tale smell began wafting from my toddler’s nappy.

I called her over and beckoned to the changing mat on the floor. She nonchalantly strolled over and was surprisingly silent and compliant. I suppose with hindsight, this should have raised suspicions. Usually there would have been a brief episode of me chasing her around the room and her squealing that she wanted to continue playing.

She lay on the floor, mouth still clamped shut and I began the unpleasant task ahead. All of a sudden, mid change she did a huge gulp, a brief gag and then broke into a huge grin. I’ll spare the finer details dear reader, but I was momentarily disabled as both of my hands were fully occupied with the matter in hand and the opportunity to quickly pick her up was not really viable. I somehow pulled her to her feet demanding to know what she had just swallowed. The grin firmly fixed on her little pixie-ish face she uttered a single word “Monies”

The feeling of doom was immediate. This was new territory for me, never before had one of my offspring consumed an inanimate object. At first I doubted her. She is not yet two and a half and her language isn’t great. I was secretly hoping that she was spinning a tall tale but there was no denying that something had gone down.

She was absolutely fine in herself, there was no choking or obvious sign of pain and she trotted off to play with her sister. I considered the best course of action and decided that this may be the perfect opportunity to test out the NHS 111 number. My husband made the call.

The staff were incredibly helpful and advised that although she seemed un-phased by the experience, we should take her down to A & E where they would be able to make a proper assessment.

As a bit of an A & E pro, I took ample supplies to ensure my toddler would be kept busy while we waited but once again the staff at the hospital were excellent. Amazingly they did not x-ray her, but instead (and far less traumatically) scanned her with a metal detector. It was confirmed that yes, a metal object was sitting nicely in her stomach and I was assured that it would probably pass naturally and unless she showed signs of discomfort at any point not to worry or obsess about looking for it.

Of course I did obsess and was nothing short of overjoyed when my daughter “recycled” it 17 hours later without so much as a squeak! In case you’re wondering, it was a 5 pence coin which my eldest daughter insisted that we retained so that she could take it (cleaned up and bagged of course) into school for show and tell!


Thursday, October 17

9.30am-noon. Coppice Valley School open morning. The school will be open to visitors.

Saturday, October 19

10am -noon. Rossett Acre School Jumble Sale, 50p entry. Jumble can be dropped at the school 4-6pm on Friday, October 18 or call 01423541272 to arrange an alternative collection or delivery.

10.30am -noon the Harrogate Epilepsy Action group meets every third Saturday at St Peter’s Church.

2-4pm Little Crickets pre-school fund raiser fashion show at The Balcony Bar, Harrogate Cricket Club. High Street Brands with up to 70 per cent off RRP. £3 per adult.

Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20

9.30am-5pm Countryside Live! At the Great Yorkshire Show ground the little sister to the Great Yorkshire Show, Countyside Live is a fantastic family event giving you a chance to see the whole of the countryside in one go.

Thursday, October 24

6-– 9.35pm Hookstone Chase Primary School Halloween Firework Party. Halloween fancy dress, barbecue, disco, apple bobbing and fantastic firework display. Tickets available from the school office 01423 886026.