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It’s always an anxious time when your children are poorly; unfortunately childhood is often marred by minor ailments. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have taken my two daughters to see the GP only to be told that the high temperature and other symptoms are caused by “some virus” and that I am to give them the usual children’s medicines.

I have to admit here that I tend to be a little bit blasé these days. When my first daughter was very young and I was a fairly neurotic new mum I seemed to spend an awful lot of time with my GP. Thank goodness my children never suffered from anything serious and I could pretty much guarantee that by the time I had made my appointment and got in there that the Calpol would have done the trick and she would be all cooing and smiles for the Doc.

I am amazed by how well these simple childhood medicines work these days and I cannot imagine how tough it must have been in the days before they were readily available.

My daughter has been fairly off colour this week and I have relied on children’s medicine to keep her raging temperature under control. It is funny how different siblings can be because my youngest daughter rarely if ever gets a fever however my eldest daughter seems to heat up at the slightest sniffle. The first time her temperature went over 40 deg was when the swine flu was doing the rounds and I was nothing short of terrified, expecting a febrile convulsion at any moment.

The out of hours GP advised me to strip her down and administer alternate doses of both ibruprofen and paracetamol and assured me that a high temperature in a child wasn’t a huge concern as long as it was reactive to and reduced with the medicine.

I am pretty sure that it was my clumsy administering of these medicines at such a young age via oral syringe which has got me into my current predicament. I am certainly no Florence Nightingale and these days daughter (now aged four-years) flatly refuses to take any medicine that is pink or is strawberry flavoured.

Fortunately most brands of ibruprofen are orange flavoured so these are acceptable. I am yet to find a non-pink paracetamol medicine. At first I thought that she was just being difficult and I cajoled, bribed, negotiated and when all of that failed forced her to take the medicine. This backfired spectacularly as she instantly vomited it back out all over me. I have now taken to being something of a medicine ninja and the only way I can get her to take it is to hide it in food.

Even then it is not a failsafe option as she becomes something of a bloodhound when her suspicions are roused. The promise of a bedtime treat of an (albeit Calpol laced) hot chocolate was refused, the creamy goodness of a (laced) petit filous was snubbed, but finally the lure one of mummy’s (now slightly pink) chocolate mousses finally did the trick.

If anyone knows where to buy a non-pink and non-strawberry flavoured children’s paracetamol then I’d be very grateful if you could let me know!


Thursday, June 27

11am -noon. Children’s Story time at Harlow Carr. Come and join a garden tale at Harlow Carr followed by a short walk or song. All children need to be accompanied by an adult. Suitable for under fives. Normal garden admission prices apply

7.30pm. Ifs, Buts & Babies at Harrogate Theatre. Leave the kids at home and enjoy a light-hearted look at the highs and lows of being a parent, from the desire to have a baby through to the first day at school. This highly entertaining show, starring two professional performers (and mothers!), provides down to earth snapshots of the trials, tribulations, tears and triumphs of parenthood through outstanding original songs and duologues, including When Is The Time For Me?, If Only’ and ‘Big Knickers. An emotional rollercoaster that will trigger some great memories... and a few you’ve tried to forget! Tickets £12 concessions: £10.

Saturday, June 29

1-4.30pm Oatlands Pre-School Gala Day at Oatlands playing field/park, off Hookstone Road. Stalls, games, tombola, bouncy castle, beat the goalie, raffle, face painting, refreshments and much more!

10am-1pm Family Fun Day to raise money for Candlelighters Children’s Charity at Kindercare on Hornbeam Park, Harrogate. It’s free entry and there’s lots of fun to be had, including arefreshments, creative activities, a disco, a car boot and book sale, face painting, a , a raffle with some fabulous prizes and a visit from Peppa Pig!

Sunday, June 30

11am-4pm Medieval Day at Knaresborough Castle and Museum. Entertainments include birds of prey, displays, battle re-enactments, children’s activities, music. With free entry to the castle and museum.

Wednesday, July 3

1-2pm. A new baby clinic will run at Pannal Children’s Centre, Pannal Green Pannal, HG3 1LH (in the grounds of Pannal Primary School) on the first Wednesday of the month. Come along to get your baby weighed and get advice on feeding, development and growth of your child from the health visiting team.