So, putting my two daughters in a bedroom together seemed like such a good idea on paper. I have such fond/ rose-tinted memories of sharing a room with my own younger sister that I really hoped that my own daughters would experience the same.

I think the idyllic memories are probably somewhat manufactured however as when I have discussed our old sleeping arrangements with my own mum she actually used the term ‘turf war’ at one point.

Anyway, we’re a week into the venture now and somehow past the point of no return. The first few nights went surprisingly without hitch.

On night three something changed. It is as if a switch went off in her head and I can actually imagine the cogs turning in her little mind, “Hang-on a minute, I’m in bed, all is well, all is calm. But something is different. Hold on: No cot bars. Do I understand this correctly? Whoopee I’m free…….”

Not 10 minutes after putting her in bed then she made her grand entrance into the kitchen where my husband and I were eating dinner. There was no shy, creeping down the stairs, peeking around the door. Oh no, this was a bold-as-brass “ta-dah” kind of entrance.

She seemed slightly bemused by the frosty reception that she got from both of us. She was not massively impressed when we put her back to bed. In fact she got less and less impressed each of the five subsequent times she got put back to bed that night.

The following night, it took a mere three repeats to get her to accept sleep as the inevitable fate so I actually allowed myself a smug moment where I stupidly thought that we might have got it cracked. Silly me.

That night at 4am I was woken by the vision of my toddler just inches from my face. “MUM!” I regained composure and sleepily led her back to bed. “Juice” she said (She still can’t say many words, but “juice” and “mum” feature heavily in the repertoire.) I trudged downstairs in my half-asleep state, stubbing toes and banging into door frames as I stumbled around.

Back upstairs my nighttime visitor had her drink then lay down to sleep again. I went back to bed, 20 minutes later my eyes just closed it starts up again. “Mum, mum, muuuuuummmm!”

I went in to her, settled her back down then shuffled back to bed myself. This debacle continued for a good two or three more repeats until I gave in and brought the monster into bed with us.

Anything to get a bit of sleep. She sat between my husband and me, proud as punch and then (in an increasingly loud voice) put in her request for a bit of Iggle Piggle on telly. My stern mummy voice was not hard to summon at that point in the night and she finally gave in and fell asleep.

Lying there in the morning half-light I knew that if I fell asleep now I would get another hour slumber. Just at that blissful moment of dropping off I heard stirrings from my other daughter and the dreaded words, “Mum, I’ve had an accident…” Aaargh!


Friday, May 10

1.15-2.45pm NCT group, Little Cherubs on Fridays at St Johns Church hall, Bilton. All pre-school aged children and babies welcome, refreshments provided for adults and children. £1.50 including a 50p voluntary contribution to the NCT per family incl tea/coffee/ biscuits and juice and snacks.

Sunday, May 12

2-3.30pm Harrogate MUMbler Baby and Child Nearly New Sale at the Cairn Hotel Harrogate. This is a fantastic local event where you can grab a real bargain. From maternity wear, safety equipment, prams, clothes, toys and books, there is something for everyone. Admission for buyers is £1. www.harrogatemumbler.com

12-6:pm Family Fun Day at Sant Angelo’s Wetherby. Sant Angelos’s present a day out at the seaside family fund day to raise money for Martin House Children’s Hospice. In memory of two local children Sadie Rose Clifford and Jamie Inglis. There will be homemade ice creams, children’s disco, balloon bending and a Punch and Judy show at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. Tel 01423 581422 www.santangelo.co.uk

Monday, May 17

10.30am-12.30pm Stay & Play Outdoors, Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library. We can now confirm that we are continuing to run our ever popular outdoor play sessions in the outdoor learning area at Harrogate College, Hornbeam Park. Contact the toy library directly for this term’s dates. Get ready to mix magic potions, make mud pies and eat them in your secret den!

Tuesday, May 18

Harrogate Odeon has Newbies a mother and baby screening every Tuesday morning. Babies go free, the lights are only dimmed and the sound lowered.

Wednesday, May 19

9.15 – 11am Health Visiting Team Drop In and Stay and play session every week. Harrogate North Children’s centre (Saltergate School) (The last sign in for the Health Visitor is strictly 10.45am) Come along and have your baby weighed and get advice on the feeding, growth and development of your baby/child.