Following on from my column last week about my daughter’s tantrums, I have had a huge response from the mums on Harrogate Mumbler. It would seem that I am not the only one in our area with a toddler behaving badly!

Some tantrums are little more than minor strops which can usually be avoided with a bit of distraction or bribery. Others are more “all consuming” and can involve arms flailing, sobbing hysterically, shouting screaming and general loss of control.

These latter types are the ones that I secretly wish that I, as an adult could sometimes get away with.

Can you imagine? At the end of a long and tiring day looking after the children, when you’re so tired after years of broken sleep, when the washing machine has just dumped water all over the kitchen floor, your toddler has just removed their own dirty nappy and flung it at the cat, your five year old refuses to leave the house (in January) other than in her swim suit and wellies, you haven’t washed your own hair in a week or had it cut in over six months and to top it off, you drive to the supermarket with the children in tow, do a full shop and only realise you’ve left your purse at home when you get to the checkout. That is when I wish I could drop to the floor and throw a real wobbler!

Anyway, wild mummy fantasies aside, here are a few of the brilliant tales that my fellow mums have shared.

One mum made a fairly common mistake by letting a choice word slip out when she dropped a glass and it smashed. For the sake of decorum, we’ll say that the word was “ship.” Unfortunately her son heard the word and repeated it. She decided the best course of action was to ignore it, and not to make a big deal of it. She thought she’d got away with it until she had to do some shopping in town a couple of months later and her son had a complete meltdown in Primark. He lay on the floor screaming “ship ship ship” over and over again; mortified she scooped him up and exited the store.

Another mum shared her tantruming low; she had to ring school one afternoon to apologise that she was going to be late picking up her son, all because his darling sister was prostrate on the pavement refusing to move! The secretary chuckled at her and said someone would be at school until 6pm so not to worry! She clearly knew her daughter had the stamina of an ox when in full-on tantrum mode!

And finally, this tale of sorrow: One poor mum, whilst very heavily pregnant, went to collect her daughter from nursery. It was absolutely pouring with rain. Unfortunately her daughter had got her wellies soaking wet during the day so couldn’t put them back on.

As the mum was literally parked outside the door, she thought it would be fine she would carry her the 4 foot distance outside. Unfortunately her daughter decided categorically that she wasn’t getting in the car! The poor mum couldn’t hold onto her any longer whilst she fought. The little girl ended up wailing, just wearing her tights in an ankle deep puddle. They were both soaked to the skin. So what did she do at eight months pregnant? Yes, she stood there and cried!


Thursday, January 31

11am-12pm Children’s Story time Harlow Carr Gardens. Come and join our storytelling session at Harlow Carr and find out about great garden adventures and little garden creatures. The story will be followed by a short walk or song, so don’t forget to bring a coat. All children need to be accompanied by an adult. Suitable for under fives.

Thursday, January 31- Saturday, February 9

Babes in the Wood at Frazer Theatre. The Knaresborough players present Babes n the Wood, a traditional family pantomime. Tickets are available from The Old Chemist Shop, Knaresborough, online: www.frazertheatre.co.uk and by telephone on 01423 867901. (various dates and times)

Saturday, February 2

10am- noon – Just for Dads, small animal petting session. Bilton Children’s centre with The Purple Pig Company. Bring your children to pet the small animals including chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. A chance to meet other male carers and their children. For children aged 0-five years.

Sunday, February 3

2-3.30pm Harrogate Mumbler Baby and Child Nearly New Sale at the Cairn Hotel Harrogate. Admission £1.

Wednesday, February 6

1-2.30pm First Aid Session, Saltergate School Childrens Centre. Booking essential. A talk on basic skills and knowledge to undertake emergency aid for babies and children. A creche will be available for this session.