24 Dogs Of Christmas Campaign: Could you give malinois Mason a forever home in Harrogate?

Mason is one of 24 very special rescue dogs who are in search of a new home - not just for Christmas, but for life.

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Friday, 17th December 2021, 4:45 pm
Mason is one of 24 very special rescue dogs who are in search of a new home - not just for Christmas, but for life
Mason is one of 24 very special rescue dogs who are in search of a new home - not just for Christmas, but for life

The Harrogate Advertiser has teamed up with Good Life Dog Rescue for the 24 Dogs of Christmas campaign, which aims to match each of the dogs with loving new owners and to highlight the work of this small Leeds charity.

Today, with the support of Yorkshire Dog Training, we are sharing the story of Mason who is in need of a new family.

Mason's Story

Mason came into care from the stray kennels very underweight with an aural hematoma in his ear.

The ear was extremely swollen and infected and had been caused by Mason scratching and rubbing his ear which was infected.

Mason has received lots of treatments in our care and at the vets and although his ear will never stand up and always droop we feel anything is a bonus from the pain he was in.

Mason had his hepatoma drained.

Mason is very loving and friendly and likes people.

He can be strong on his lead but is very eager to please and is extremely obedient.

He loves to sniff every blade of grass when out on his walks and is super active.

This boy will walk for miles and enjoy every minute of it.

Mason comes to life when he is off lead in the run with a ball or a toy and is so happy.

He can be affectionate and very friendly and will need a home with someone that loves Belgian Shepherds and understand their breeds and traits.

Mason is a handsome dog that has certainly been through the mill of late.

He is now vaccinated, castrated, microchipped and all ready to welcome any applications for adoption.

Mason is loving and friendly with people however not a fan of other dogs or animals.

This boy is clever, cunning and super smart.

What is Good Life Dog Rescue?

Good Life Dog Rescue is a small charity based here in Leeds that cares about the welfare of stray dogs in the UK.

Its founder, Victoria Bastow, is passionate about helping animals who often face an uncertain future.

For more than eight years now, she has been dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire.

The charity flies a flag high for the Staffies and cross Staffies who are often the last to find a rescue place.

It receives no immediate funding and survives on donations and fundraising, with no paid staff and only its committed volunteers to champion the stray dogs it rescues.

Victoria herself has a full-time job so that she can partly fund the huge kennelling and veterinary bills incurred.

Since the charity does not have its own kennels, all the dogs in its care are looked after at kennels in South Yorkshire.

The kennels are very much a temporary home and Good Life aims to find each of the dogs a new start with loving owners as soon as possible.

How to adopt Mason

Many UK stray kennels, rescue and rehoming centres are full of lovable, active and healthy adoptable dogs just waiting for someone to love them and offer them a home.

It is important the right dog is matched with the right person or family.

In order to find the right dog for its prospective owners, Good Life will need to match their lifestyle with the dog.

All the dogs being cared for by the charity are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Home checks are required and vet references if possible.

Visit www.goodlifedogrescue.co.uk to find out more about the adoption process or to make a donation in support of the charity’s work.

For more information about Mason, visit https://www.goodlifedogrescue.co.uk/dog-2