Electric scooters – the smooth, lightweight way to get about

Electric scooters are the perfect, lightweight way to get about – more agile than a car and a lot smoother than a bicycle. But for the team at Man Firth Electric it is important you get to know how to use what is a powerful vehicle in the right way, and that starts with a test drive.

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Friday, 6th May 2022, 12:43 pm
Harrogate geared up for escooter revolution – Man Firth Electric
Harrogate geared up for escooter revolution – Man Firth Electric

The Man Firth Electric showroom in Leeds has never been busier with a growing customer base wanting to try out a scooter for the first time, or upgrade their existing model.

Owner Will Pugh says: “We always advise that a test drive is the best way to know what it is you are buying. We are huge advocates of safety; escooters are vehicles and need a lot of understanding and on a test drive you get to feel how they work. We are offering something online retailers cannot, using our knowledge and understanding, as well as the aftercare and servicing which we provide.”

Each scooter is hand built and tested before a customer even gets to test drive one. And Man Firth Electric also provides servicing, maintenance, escooter accessories, as well as their expert advice. “It is a customer journey in more ways than one,” adds Mr Pugh.

“Escooters are vehicles and need a lot of understanding – on a test drive you get to feel how they work”

When it comes to choosing the right one, the number of different types is growing all the time. They can include off-road scooters to lightweight, portable ones and even escooters which have dual engines with a top speed above 50mph.

Are they allowed on the roads?

It is important to remember that at the moment it is illegal to use them on public roads, cycle lanes or footpaths but Mr Pugh is hopeful that will change in the future. Then, he envisages them becoming an everyday part of the commute – whether on a short hop across a city or the final portion of a park and ride journey. Already, people going on holiday are putting them in the boot of their car and using them to get around a country estate or holiday park.

Mr Pugh believes new legislation going through parliament will lead to better regulation, making them safer to use and bringing them on to the highways. But he adds: “Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that they operate their e-scooter within all country and local laws.”

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