These are the best fish and chip shops in the Harrogate district based on Google reviews

Fish and chips are a staple in the British diet and there's no shortage of fish and chip shops in the Harrogate district.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 3:49 pm
Best fish and chip shops in Harrogate district rated by Google reviews

We took a look at the best fish and chip shops in the district according to Google reviews. (All scores are out of five stars) How many have you tried?

Coronation Fisheries, 2 Coronation Avenue, 4.7 stars
Harrogate Fisheries, 141 Skipton Road, 4.7 stars
Oliver's, 34 Cold Bath Road, 4.5 stars
Graveley's, 8-12 Cheltenham Parade, 4.4 stars
Jenny's Fish and Chips, 241 Skipton Road, 4.4 stars
Dougies, 66 King Edward's Drive, 4.4 stars
Oatlands Mount Fisheries, 4 Mount Street, 4.3 stars
Drakes, 65 Knaresborough Road, 3.8 stars
Lead Lane Fisheries, 25 Lead Lane, 5 stars
Southgate Fisheries, Southgate, 4.7 stars
Jolly Fryer, 62-63 Allhallowgate, 4.7 stars
Bondgate Fisheries, 10 Bondgate Green, 4.7 stars
Northgate Fisheries, 62 North Street, 4.3 stars
Drakes, 11 Finkle Street, 4.2 stars
Aragon Fisheries, Iles Lane, 4.7 stars
Chain Lane Fisheries, 8 Chain Lane, 4.7 stars
JR's Yorkshire Fish and Chips, 18C Boroughbridge Road, 4.6 stars
Drakes, 3-5 Silver Street, 4.2 stars
The Wetherby Whaler, 18 Market Place, 4.6 stars
The Frying Pan, 50-54 North Street, 4.6 stars
Collingham Pizza, Fish & Chips, 7 Hastings Court, 4.5 stars
High Street Fisheries, 16 High Street, 4.5 stars