Get a better night's sleep with Woolroom

The average adult requires approximately eight hours sleep each night, however quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to getting the most out of our nightly slumber.

The Woolroom
The Woolroom

Chris Tattersall, Managing Director of Woolroom reveals why wool is so clever, how sleeping with wool ensures for a good night’s sleep and how sleep is essential to feeling happy, healthy and well.

Sleeping in wool bedding has been proven to provide a 25% better night’s sleep than other forms of bedding

Sleep is divided into four stages, and it’s the fourth of these stages (occurring between 2am and 4am) that is the most important in terms of body regeneration and the average person perspires one litre of water each night, and because this perspiration is unable to be absorbed inside synthetic or down fibres, the moisture sits around the skin, raising skin moisture levels above the recommended 30 to 50 per cent and causing a heat build-up which is enough discomfort to pull you out of stage four sleep

A survey by Woolroom reveals that 71% of people sleep at a different temperature to their partner, so wool’s unique temperature and moisture management properties regulate a controlled climate around the body and the moisture content of the skin

Research by Woolroom and Leeds University revealed that wool bedding allowed a massive 67% more moisture transmission out of its fibres than feather and down bedding and 43% more than polyester duvets, confirming that wool is able to keep the body cooler than alternative fibres during the night

Woolroom is the only UK bedding retailer to guarantee that its mattresses and beds are naturally flame retardant and free from chemicals- unlike other mattresses in the market which have chemicals purposely put on them to make them flame retardant

Wool helps to clean up the environment around you, having wool bedding, wool curtains or wool carpets in the home means that 80-87% of Formaldehyde is absorbed, creating a healthier atmosphere

Sleeping with wool is a way of sleeping in a sustainable way. Wool is a sustainable product and Woolroom is able to trace back every wool product to the sheep that it came from.

It’s a little known fact but wool bedding is actually proven to provide 25% better night’s sleep than other forms of bedding. In order to really unlock the key to a good night’s sleep, Woolroom are encouraging customers to venture in store to so that they can try the wide range of bedding available.

Top Tips to a good night’s sleep include:

* Remain Hydrated- Drinking a glass of water half an hour before bed will help to keep body temperature levels low throughout the night.

* Sleep with Wool - University research showed that wool bedding absorbs higher levels of moisture than both down and synthetic bedding, leading to better regulation of skin moisture levels, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

* Ventilate- Keeping bedrooms as ventilated as possible will aid a better night’s sleep, even better if air can be circulated throughout the whole house. The ideal temperature and humidity levels for a good night’s sleep is 18-20oC and 45-50% RH.

* Natural Intelligence - Wool’s ability to regulate body temperature makes it a fibre with high natural intelligence. Keeping bedlinen natural with fabrics such as organic cotton will work with wool to ensure a good night’s sleep.

* Visit for further information. Woolroom products are available at Woolroom stores in Edinburgh, Peak District and Stamford and through other selected retail stockists nationwide, including Heals.