Random mention of Harrogate tea in Golden Globe winning TV show

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Watching Homeland on Channel 4 this Sunday? If you are, you might spot an obscure reference to Harrogate as one of the two main characters, war-hero-but-possibly-a-terrorist Brody (Damian Lewis) is handed a cup of tea by his wife.

“It’s your favourite - Yorkshire Gold,” she says as she gives him the mug. There are plenty of people who swear by the various strains of Yorkshire Tea, but quite what Bettys & Taylors did to get a reference in a Golden Globe-winning drama is a mystery. It even turns up as a plot point two episodes later.

The company declared its innocence when the Advertiser ran this story back in January, stating it was merely pleasantly surprised by the free plug. So perhaps it’s Damian Lewis’s favourite brew and he managed to get it shoehorned in.

Either way, the actor deserves a few free boxes of Yorkshire Gold sending to his agent. And a few more simply for being in the show, because - and you’ll know this if you’re watching it - it’s great.