Orangery Designs, a Stylish Addition to any Home

AN ORANGERY can have a massive impact on the look of your home and make it more fashionable.

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Orangery designs have their origins in the stately homes of the 17th century where they were built to protect orange and citrus plants, and to entertain guests.

An orangery also symbolized affluence and stature.

Nowadays, an orangery has variations and homeowners can choose to build one to suit different purposes, the structure contains more brick or stone than a conservatory which does mean that conservatory prices are a little cheaper.

An orangery is found in homes as an attached structure.

It not only improves the look of an abode, it also serves an important purpose. It creates an extra space in a dwelling where people can gather and socialize.

The walls are made from a mixture of stone (or brick) and glass allowing light to pass through even during cloudy days.

A glass roof is also used to increase the amount of light.

The double glazed glass is sturdy and robust, protecting and insulating the orangery from the natural elements such the cold, wind, and drafts.

The right orangery designs can add a lot to your property.

One great idea is to build a heating stove inside the orangery, a practical feature during wintry days.

You can also include windows to provide ventilation when it’s needed.

Put a chesterfield or a couple of sun loungers as places to sit.

Others put a small dining table or a breakfast nook for eating meals.

Include lamps, rugs, and soft lights to create an intimate atmosphere.

You can even control light and filtration by installing venetian blinds and curtains.

Decorative and stained windows are also great, giving a unique and modern touch to an orangery, while potted plants add greenery to the place.

These plants also emit oxygen, an important aspect when there are no windows.

With plenty of ideas to choose from, orangeries can serve many purposes.

From providing an extra space to creating your own special place, orangeries are convenient and practical.

An orangery also adds value to your home, increasing its retail market value, an investment that will pay off should you decide to sell your home one day.

Prospective buyers with families find that an extra room is always needed and it is an excellent place to entertain, relax, or pursue a hobby.

For families with kids, it can even serve as a recreation area.