New tapas menu at Chez La Vie

Chez La Vie's bar. The new bar menu now serves tapas in the afternoon. (S)
Chez La Vie's bar. The new bar menu now serves tapas in the afternoon. (S)

Starter, main, pudding. Yawn.

If you dining sequence has fallen into this drab old pattern, then you should definitely consider tapas.

Tapas goes a bit more like this: starter, starter, starter, starter, starter. It’s ingenious.

They’re all over it in Spain and Greece and Lebanon and the like. Those crazy foreigns and their wacky food customs.

A Harrogate restaurant has started grabbing a portion of this mini-dish action. Chez La Vie’s bar menu now features 14 of the little blighters, including curried creamy tiger prawns, barbecue buffalo wings with aioli, serrano ham with rocket salad and gratin dauphinoise. Yum.

The tapas “experience”, if you will, is Named Freddie’s after Tony’s five-year-old son. Each dish costs £4, and they’re on offer between noon and 5pm.

Executive chef Tony Fulford said: “These are not particular Spanish - as the name tapas suggests - but purely the dishes you would normally get on many restaurant menus in a small plate form.

“The bar initially offers 14 tapas from around the world although this will change all the time in order to vary the dining experience.”

You can read the menu here.

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