Use these on trend colours to bring warmth in to your home

This room, with its seasonal colours, has a warm autumnal glow.This room, with its seasonal colours, has a warm autumnal glow.
This room, with its seasonal colours, has a warm autumnal glow.
It’s the autumn equinox this month, and if you are planning to introduce a fresh look and some warming colour to your home, trending seasonal shades are stunning.

A lick of paint can lift dampened spirits and can help bring a natural warmth to your walls and indoor space, as days and evenings get inevitably cooler.

From emerald green, burnt orange, denim blue and amber glow, interior experts have analysed the most popular incoming colour palette for homes, through Instagram choices.

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Leading autumn colours were found by the experts at Stelrad to be the following;


The most popular colour group for Autumn, as revealed by Instagram, is green.

Emerald green is the top choice, but other colours include chalky green, forest green, fresh green, green sheen, moss, olive and ultramarine green.

Emerald green works well with many different colours, including peach, aubergine, rose, ruby red and pink, but can also work with alternative shades of green.

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Some shades of blue are mellow and inviting, as in this room.Some shades of blue are mellow and inviting, as in this room.
Some shades of blue are mellow and inviting, as in this room.

Use it as a base, on walls, or by integrating varying textures and tones in accessories. A deep shade of green can work particularly well with natural woody tones, and monochromatic patterns, keeping your colour palette sophisticated, classic but warm.

It’s also a versatile colour, so why not bring it in to your bedroom, living room or even the kitchen….


Yellow is the second most popular colour group according to Instagrammers, with autumn’s top trending shade revealed as caramel.

Other popular choices include amber glow, cream, mustard and wheat tones and hues. These sorts of colours are great at creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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Caramel and similar colours can work wonders when paired with black accents, but become softer when woodwork is included. To lift the warmth of this colour, pair it with brownish-red or even hints of green.


Blue’s most popular colour at present is indigo. Other top-ranking choices include sky blue, classic blue, denim blue, moody blue, sea blue and watery blue.

Indigo can be the perfect hue for a bedroom, creating a serene atmosphere.

Many people cast blue as a cool colour, but indigo can be warm and rich. If you are after a classic look then mix with some softer colours, but for a modern look go bright and bold. You can include wooden furniture, alongside bright orange or red accents. Include varied textiles such as blankets or cushions.


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In fourth place is the colour group brown, with tan up there on top. Brown is naturally warming because its base is orange yellow and with other popular autumnal shades being chocolate brown, rich black brown and taupe, this colour palette can be the perfect option.

Tan can cosy up surroundings, especially when paired with white and neutral tones. It is the perfect base colour and can be paired with a wide array of accent colours.


Grey is the fifth most popular colour group, with three specific shades ranked, including dark grey, grey haze and stone. The colour stone is the most popular choice for homeowners, as a neutral shade that provides a calm base.

Make sure to include a grey that has beige, yellow or red undertones, then add in some splashes of yellow, orange, red and neutrals.

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