Sealed bids invited for show homes

Bellway Homes has reported races of a different kind in Wetherby – with would-be buyers jockeying for position as the two show homes on its Spofforth Park development go on the market.

Friday, 3rd December 2021, 2:38 pm

Interest in the five and six-bedroom show homes, which were released last week, has been exceptionally high and unlike other homes on the development, Bellway has invited sealed bids from would-be buyers.

Melanie Smith, Bellway Yorkshire’s sales director, said: “The demand for homes on Spofforth Park has been high since we launched in 2017.

“If anything, this demand has grown the closer to completion we’ve got, which is easy to understand when you look around and see what a spectacular place it is to call home.

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“Both show homes have a attracted a lot of attention since opening and the sales advisors have been inundated with questions about when they’d be available to buy, how much they’d cost and whether they could be reserved early.

“Given this level of interest, inviting sealed bids was seen as the fairest way of selling them.”

She explained that a sealed bid is a form of auction that occasionally happens when there is significant interest in a property.

In this situation the selling agent will invite those interested in buying to submit a sealed bid before a stated date.

The seller then chooses the best bid.

“This may be as simple as going for the highest offer, but other factors can come into play, including how quickly the buyer can complete the purchase or whether they are a cash buyer,” said a spokesman for Bellway.

“The term sealed bid refers to when such bids were submitted by post or hand in sealed envelopes. Today, they can be submitted via e-mail, but the old name is still used to describe the process.”

“My advice for anyone even thinking about moving to Wetherby is to make an appointment to visit Spofforth Park very soon otherwise the sold-out signs will be up and the opportunity missed,” added Melanie.

The deadline for the receipt of sealed bids is December 13. Go to or telephone 01937 865795.