Young Pateley Bridge woman ‘braves the shave’ for charity as fundraiser smashes target on first day

A brave young woman from Pateley Bridge will be shaving off her long signature locks in aid of the Macmillan cancer charity on Saturday, October 7, at the Pateley Bridge Club.

Seren Preece, 24, has been working as a bartender at the Pateley Club for almost four years and has been an integral part of a variety of charity events at the venue.

Pateley Club is located on Pateley Bridge High Street, and regularly holds events in aid of charities close to the lives of local residents.

The charity evening will include cakes, cocktails and a raffle, while the evening promises to be a lively event for visitors and residents.

Miss Preece said: “I’ve wanted to shave my hair off since I was a teenager.

“I just felt if there was a way to use it to help people, then that sense of purpose makes it all worthwhile.

“Macmillan are amazing and it's a charity that Pateley Club has always supported.

“In this job I get to speak to a lot of people and how they’ve been affected by the disease.

“I learnt how they’d suffered and how much support the charity has given them.

“It’s support they wouldn’t have otherwise had, a real lifeline.

“I did witness my grandad suffer when I was much younger.

“It's a hard thing to watch for anyone.

“The care he received made a huge difference.”

Miss Preece’s original target of £300 was met incredibly within the first day, and then £500 within the first week.

The second target of £700 was quickly moved up to £1,000.

The club is now working to push the target beyond all expectations.

Miss Preece said: “We are really quite excited now to see how much we can raise.

“Growing up as a woman, your hair is your identity and something you can hide behind.

“It will be interesting how that will feel once it's gone.

“The community here are so close and really show support at any given chance, they’re all just incredible.”

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