The Knaresborough Inn: Before and after photos of the historic Yorkshire inn formerly the Dower House following major transformations

15th century Knaresborough inn, formerly the Dower House, has undergone a major transformation - here are some photos of the historic Yorkshire hotel before and after its renovation.

The newly renovated inn hosted its reopening on Thursday, August 31, 2023 and it has undergone many changes including the staircase, lobby, interior decor and exterior outlook.

Andrew Robson, senior communications and marketing executive at The Inn Collection Group, said: “Today is the first day that we’ve had people from the outside world coming through the doors to see it. The first guests will stay from tomorrow [September 1].”

Mr Robson explained why The Inn Collection Group picked this establishment.

“[It’s the] right location for the right customers, is the catch-all way to put it. We started in the very north of Yorkshire,” he said.

“It fits very well with our target audience in Northumberland and the Lake District and it was the right property at the right time. We like to have that network of inns, it means that when we do come down to support them we can make the most of the time that we are in the area because we can look after two or three sites at the same time.”

Below are photos of the inn before and after its refurbishment.