Mystery as sheep goes missing from Harrogate town centre

It seems there has been a spot of sheep rustling in Harrogate town centre as Lenny the Lamb has disappeared from his home.

Lenny is one of four metal lambs on display at The Pickled Sprout's Ales in the Dales beer garden, but Managing Director Simon Cotton received a nasty surprise when he turned up fro work this morning and found Larry, Liam and Lucy.... but no Lenny.

Despite scouring the area for most of the day, there has been no sign of Lenny and the team are now urging anyone with any information to get in touch.

Simon said: "It was a real shock when we came in today and only saw three of our lambs. He's clearly gone walkies but we really want to know where he is.

"If anyone has any information we'd love to see a photo so we know he is safe. We haven't been able to find him anywhere.

"The staff are really upset and just want to know he's alright. If a little boy or girl has wandered off with him and he's found a loving new home we won't feel quite as bad but it's a real mystery that we'd love to get to the bottom of.

"His three mates are really missing him too."

Can you help us find Lenny the Lamb? Picture: Simon Cotton.

Simon has put out a plea on Twitter for any information on Lenny's whereabouts, with the hashtag "LookingForLenny".

So far he has had no clues but he is asking for people to tag him, The Pickled Sprout and The Yorkshire Hotel if they know anything or if they have any pictures to prove Lenny's location.

Do you know where Lenny is? Let us know!