This is how many people are banned from Harrogate pubs

Harrogate Pubwatch has revealed the number of people banned currently from bars and pubs in the town.

Monday, 24th February 2020, 12:02 pm
Updated Monday, 24th February 2020, 12:05 pm
Harrogate Pubwatch has revealed the number of people banned from the town's bar and clubs.

New figures provided by the successful scheme which was launched in 2015 to help ensure that Harrogate’s residents and visitors could safely enjoy eating, drinking and socialising in the town’s bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, show there are currently 106 individuals banned from all Pubwatch venues in Harrogate.

Of those, 12 have life bans from town centre licensed premises (see below for more figures).

Despite the widely held view that Harrogate as a sleepy town, the current Pubwatch statistics may come as a surprise to some.

The members of Harrogate Pubwatch, which boasts an increasing membership, are local licensees who share information on problem-causing individuals and a wide range of issues concerning Harrogate’s night-time economy.

The scheme operates under National Pubwatch rules in conjunction with the Harrogate and District Businesses Against Crime initiative, Harrogate Borough Council’s Licensing Team and representatives from North Yorkshire Police.

Members meet each month and put forward the names of individuals who have caused problems in venues – from violence, aggression, theft, drug taking, drug dealing, using fake identification and general nuisance-causing.

Late last year, due to the then chair standing down, it seemed that the scheme might fold so Becky Teale and Alan Huddart, both representatives of two of Harrogate’s licensed venues, stepped in as chair and vice chair respectively.

Membership is now growing steadily and there are currently 27 licensed premises in The Harrogate Pubwatch Scheme with several others showing interest.

Chair Becky Teale said “it would’ve been a shame if the scheme had folded as it is a major factor in protecting the public and individual venues and their staff from a minority of people who seek to cause trouble.

"When the members work together to prevent troublemakers from entering most venues in Harrogate, it sends out a powerful message”.

Bans are imposed on individuals which prevent them from entering the town’s participating venues.

Such bans can range in duration from three months to a life ban in the case of extreme violence, and for carrying weapons.

Information on the bans is circulated to members and they communicate via a radio link to advise other member’s premises if the individuals are spotted in town.

For further information on Harrogate Pubwatch or if you are a venue that would like to join the scheme, please email [email protected]

Harrogate Pubwatch figures

There are currently 106 individuals banned from all Pubwatch venues in Harrogate

12 people have life bans from town centre licensed premises

4 individuals on the banned list are currently serving prison sentences – their bans are placed on hold whilst they serve their jail terms

Aggression, nuisance and drug taking are the 3 top reasons for bans being imposed

18 individuals have had their bans extended as a result of attempting to enter venues whilst their bans were in place – in these cases, their bans are doubled in duration.