Two of Britain's messiest carsTwo of Britain's messiest cars
Two of Britain's messiest cars

Pictured: The UK's messiest cars

From the disgusting to the downright dangerous - a rogues' gallery of the country’s mankiest motors

It can be tough keeping your car spotless but for some people even keeping it fit for human use seems to be a challenge.

To see just how bad some drivers are willing to let their car get, automotive supplier Euro Car Parts recently launched a competitition to find Britain’s filthiest car interior.

More than 200 people were willing to share their shame, displaying everything from broken CD cases to what looks like the entire contents of a fast-food restaurant strewn around their vehicles. In the end, Louise Duffy, from Manchester was crowned the messiest car owner, winning £200 worth of cleaning products.

Helen Robinson, corporate communications director at Euro Car Parts, said: “Cleaning out your car can often fall to the bottom of your list of jobs, and we’re sure that for many, these images may be a familiar sight.

“Giving your car a clean from time to time means you and your passengers will have a safer and more pleasant driving experience. We recommend cleaning the inside of your car fairly regularly, especially now that many vehicles aren’t being used as often, as unpleasant smells may build up.”

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