Time to celebrate 'an extraordinary lady' says Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Of North Yorkshire

Celebrations are underway across the Harrogate district and up and down the country, as we honour Her Majesty The Queen as she becomes the first British Monarch to celebrate 70 years of service.

By Lucy Chappell
Friday, 3rd June 2022, 6:43 pm

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Of North Yorkshire, Mrs Johanna Ropner, is full of admiration for Her Majesty the Queen and is looking forward to seeing all the plans come to life over the bank-holiday weekend.

Mrs Ropner said: “With everything that has been going on, not just with the Covid-19 pandemic but also across the whole world, I think it is more important than ever that we all come together and celebrate Her Majesty the Queen.

More pictures of Harrogate enjoying the Jubilee sunshine - including the brilliant singers at Brackenfield School

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Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Of North Yorkshire, Mrs Johanna Ropner says the people of Harrogate district should enjoy their Jubilee party.

“Whether it’s a street party, a lighting of a beacon or a church service, it’s showing the strength in our communities which has been so important over the last few years.

“We have already been celebrating over the last couple of weeks with the schools breaking up for half-term, as many were keen to get involved in the celebrations.

“Last week I attended a fabulous tea party at Brackenfield School, where there were over 50 portraits of the Queen on display that had been drawn by the children, the pupils sang special songs and they had invited a number of special guests along and it was a wonderful and nostalgic day.

“I do think it is very important that we spend this weekend just relaxing and having fun as I feel that we have all forgotten how to have simple fun.

“Whether it’s in your back garden, in the street or in the local park, just showing companionship with neighbours and friends and celebrating what an extraordinary lady her Majesty is, is really important.

“Her resilience to everything that has happened over the years has been incredible and she is an extraordinary main stay in society.

“To give 70 years of your life to the level that she has is the most extraordinary achievement and one that we should all recognise and celebrate so I really hope that everyone will get out there and celebrate.

“Everything that everyone is doing up and down the country to commemorate Her Majesty is doing it with her in mind and the nation hold her very dear in their hearts.”

Unsung heroes to be celebrated

Over 600 unsung heroes who went above and beyond in communities across North Yorkshire are set to be honoured at a garden party in York on Saturday to mark the Jubilee.

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire Mrs Johanna Ropner will be hosting the event, alongside the Archbishop of York at Deanery Gardens.

From members of charity groups to emergency service workers and the neighbours who stepped up in the country’s time of need, Mrs Ropner believes that it is the perfect time to thank those who spent their time helping others in need.

She said: “I felt that it was incredibly important to thank and recognise as many local heroes, community heroes and people who have stepped up and gone above and beyond throughout the last two years as possible.

“We have got The Band of the Yorkshire Regiment and the Shepherd Group Youth Band performing so that is really exciting and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.”

There will also be a service of Thanksgiving following the garden party at York Minster.