I tried the Harrogate ELECTRIC SHOCK fitness trend celebrities are loving - here's how it went

When an email landed in my inbox asking me if I was interested in trying out a new fitness trend that would send pulses of electricity through my body, I almost did a double take.

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EMS training - which stands for electrical muscle stimulation - uses tiny electric impulses to trigger more of your muscles at a deeper level, stimulating 90% of your muscle fibres and helping you to work harder, lose weight and tone up.

As an avid gym goer, and more recently home-workout lover, I couldn't help but feel intrigued about it, even if slightly apprehensive.

Strapped into the vest and pads that are hooked up to the EMS machine and send tiny electrical impulses through 90% of muscle fibres.

Feel Electric, an EMS studio on Harrogate s Leeds Road, opened earlier this year and has already enjoyed huge success. These kinds of workouts have been endorsed by Hollywood stars like Tom Holland, Madonna, Liz Hurley and Jamie Foxx and are proving increasingly popular.

When I heard that the workout - which took place in a Covid-secure environment with a personal trainer - would only last around 20 minutes I didn't feel particularly worried. Compared to over an hour in the gym or my usual 30-40 minutes of cardio, it didn't sound like much.

Here is the main lesson I have learnt from the experience - do NOT underestimate the power of electricity.

As I went into Feel Electric I passed the gorgeous neon sign in the entrance and was met by lovely PT Cheai, who quickly got me set up. I was given a special outfit to wear, which consisted of tight black half-length leggings, a fitted black tshirt and some bright blue socks, and is now mine to keep for every session.

The workout lasts for 20 minutes and consists of a number of movements including squats, lunges and standing ab crunches.

Cheai was so helpful and friendly and talked me through how the machine worked and continued to get me fitted into a vest and range of straps that made me feel like I was taking part in an episode of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

She sprayed the pads down with water, which acts as a conductor for the electricity, and began clipping wires onto me left, right and centre.

I got to test all of the levels of the electric impulses first, targeted to each muscle group, so I could find the one that worked best for me, and all of these can be either turned up or down during the session, depending on the exercise, the body part you are focusing on and how you are feeling.

The workout lasts for 20 minutes and consists of a number of movements including squats, lunges and standing ab crunches.

I started on a base level of 65%, with varying levels for each part of my body, and ended the session at 68%. It's safe to say I was covered in sweat by the end, and not just because of the weather. Thank goodness for the showers, make-up wipes, dry shampoo and deodrant kindly provided in the changing rooms - now that really was a lifesaver.

The exercises I had to do were quite basic - squats, standing ab crunches, lunges - but they were like nothing I had done before. The impulses didn't hurt at all - they never should - but it felt a little bit like a very mild case of pins and needles in each of my muscles and I could feel them tensing and working hard throughout the whole session.

20 minutes flew by, but in terms of feeling worked, I felt like I had been exercising for at least an hour.

I was left feeling energised, recharged and like I had done something really positive for my body. Every muscle felt like it had worked as hard as it could without feeling fatigued or exhausted.

The base level can be set for the overall intensity of the electrical impulses, with varying levels for each individual muscle group.

So far it has only been around 24 hours and I am already starting to feel sore, especially in my glutes and my triceps. I can't lie, I'm quite nervous to get out of bed tomorrow, as the muscle soreness is said to be at its peak after 48 hours, but I know that just means the process is working and I'm getting good results.

I now have to wait a week for my next session, to let my muscles recharge and repair after such an intense experience, but I can work out as normal in between.

Using tiny electric shocks during exercise definitely isn't as scary as it sounds and I already can't wait for my next session. If you're looking to really boost your fitness regime and your results, you need to try Feel Electric. You won't be disappointed.

The changing rooms have great facilities and offer items like dry shampoo, make up wipes and deodrant to leave you feeling fresh after your session.